4EG Cincinnati + Chicago

$20 4EG Gift Card

$20 4EG Gift Card

$ 20.00

A physical card will be mailed to the shipping address provided, fully activated and ready for use with the amount chosen. Please allow 2-3 days for processing and additional shipping time.

4EG is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged cards, or any unauthorized use. Card redeemable for merchandise and services only. Unused value cannot be used for cash. Customers can add additional value to their card at any time. Valid for use at Mt. Adams Pavilion, The Sandbar, The Righteous Room, The Lackman, Igby's, The St. Clair, Low Spark, Rosedale, The Roosevelt Room, Hightail, Keystone Covington, Keystone Hyde Park, Keystone Clifton, and Mac Shack.